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I make small batch ceramics in a garden studio in Sheffield. My ceramics started as a way of displaying plants; growing, cut, and drying. Now I run my small business to fit around being a mother to three young boys.   

Having grown up in Australia and Malaysia and then as an adult, chosen to live in the French Alps, the North Cornish Coast, and now Sheffield on the edge of the Peak District, I have always felt a connection with the natural world around me. I am inspired by the pattern, colours, irregularities and shapes of small natural objects and big landscapes.  

I like simplicity in appearance, functionality, and in the uniqueness of each piece. I hope that my designs help people bring nature into their home in a sustainable way.


The Environment & Nature Connection

I want to create pieces in a way that has as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Time and care are put into each piece and the making process is slow and thoughtful; a move away from a fast moving throw-away society. The environment is considered throughout the process from where I source my raw materials, the water and energy that I use, and the packaging and delivery. I would like to think that my finished pieces will be used and appreciated for years to come.

I hope that my products might encourage people to bring more plants into their homes, and consider more sustainable ways of displaying flowers and stems.  I also hope that my ceramics will encourage people to appreciate a stem found in a hedgerow or grown in the garden over imported, mass produced and chemically grown flowers which leave a huge carbon footprint.  



I am not looking to create identical objects and I value the uniqueness of each piece.  Whilst a batch of vases may all start from the same weight of clay, by the end of the process, sizes, shapes and glazes will vary. This is all part of the nature of small batch, hand-made ceramics. I am continuously being inspired, and am trying and testing new ideas.  



 To find out more about my work, you can read my Meet The Maker Folksy interview from January 2022.